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Certified Skincare Specialists


ITEC Certified Aesthetician 
Licensed in New Jersey, New York, and California

Kayla is a passionate skin specialist, with advanced beauty licensures from ITEC, the leading international certification board. Her dedication to learning the industry's most prestigious skin care treatments afforded her the opportunity to work with two NYC celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas and Ildi Pekar. 


Kayla's knowledge of various skin conditions, healing touch, and genuine care for her clients is unparalleled. She believes that a good consistent skincare regimen is imperative to maintaining beautiful skin at any age. Kayla is a dedicated professional who is committed to delivering exceptional service to her clients, not just on intial consults, but for the entirity of the realtionship. She builds lasting bonds with her clientele, and is rewarded by their loyal patronage. Her unique services, using state of the art modalities, will optimize your skin's health and restore its natural beauty, and the results are cumulative.

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